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 Dog Obedience - Training Videos

Curly gets his BH and Larry gets his SchH1
 Curly Aka Angus av Stavanger BH Trial Youtube link - Basic Schutzhund Obedience  Larry Aka Alfred av Stavanger SchH1 Obedience - SG rating by USA/SV Judge Glenn Stephenson

 In drive focus and fuss Youtube video link - germanshepherdk9.com  Teaching the recall - 5 1/2 week old German Shepherd puppies - Youtube link - germanshepherdk9.com
  12 week puppy training video - Building Prey Drive - Dog Training in Drive - Clicker Training    Puppy Sport Obedience Foundation with a child - germanshepherdk9.com
 Motivational Retrieve - Very beginning foundation - Fetch a ball - germanshepherdk9.com  Obedience and focus through balance training - 10.5 mo old GSD males - Curly and Larry - video link
 Schutzhund 3 trial routine - a nice picture of correct and happy focus - Gjeter av Xazziam  Schutzhund 3 Dumbell Routine, recall and send out video - Gjeter av Xazziam
 Vorous - send out video - Gjeter av Xazziam - handled by Michele Hansen 2 year German Shepherd obedience training video - Alfred av Stavanger Aka Larry 
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