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Schutzhund Obedience - Phase B - High Drive Dog Obedience 

That's not a real dog - Real dogs don't look like that

SG Gjeter av Xazziam SchH3 KK1 

A Working German Shepherd Bitch


1st Schutzhund 3 Title with

Third Place Overall & High Scoring Female

A Qualifying score of 278 for USA National Championships and
'V' in Protection

*High Scoring Female*
2008 Northwestern Regional Schutzhund Championship

She delivers the goods when it comes to puppies too!

Dog Training & Puppy Imprinting Videos

In Drive and Focus Youtube link
In Drive Focus & Fuss  
clicker training

Begining Retrieve Training video Link - Alfred av Stavanger Aka Larry
Beginning Retrieve Training

Come to Front 5 1/2 weeks Imprinting the recall & front

Schutzhund Heeling and BH Pattern - Diagram by germanshepherdk9.com
click to enlarge - Schutzhund Heeling & BH Pattern
A Little About Schutzhund Obedience and Our Gjeter Dog

Schutzhund obedience requires the dog to complete a variety of tasks that areSchutzhund 3 Obedience - German Shepherd obedience in drive - Gjeter av Xazziam  accomplished off lead through voice command. Not only is precision necessary for full points, but the dog should show enthusiasm and drive for the work.

The Schutzhund obedience phase includes a temperament test, stable under gunfire test, Long Down under distraction, On and Off Lead Heeling (Fussing), which includes change of pace and heeling through a group of moving people. The Out of Motion  stay exercises demonstrating the Sit, Down and Stand from heeling. There are also two Recalls during this exercise. The Dumbell Retrieve exercises include retrieve on flat ground, retrieve (jump) over a 1 meter (39") hurdle and retrieve (navigate) over a 1.91 meter height wall (over 6'). The last exercise is the Send Away (vorous). This requires the  handler to send the dog straight away from a moving heel position and at a minimum of 30 paces (after the judges signal) command the dog to Down (Platz). You need a good dog and a whole lot of patience to show off a clean routine and crowd pleasing performance during this phase.

Gjeter is a super example of a dog that shows the ideal qualities of a working obedience dog. Her independent nature combined with her need for human interaction goes hand in hand with her endless supply of enthusiasm for her work. There is never a dull moment with this bitch who shows extreme food and toy drive along with natural retrieval instincts. She has what it takes to be a top performance obedience dog and is passing many of these traits to her progeny. She competed in the 2008 Northwestern Regional Schutzhund Championships, showing herself well amongst some of the most elite competitors in the country. It was obvious that her balanced training complimented her natural drives.

Gjeter's first SchH3 title
An example of nice focus and correct heel position


SchH3 Obedience - Gjeter av Xazziam (HOT)
With a First Time Handler
Judge - Wolfgang Henke president of the SV
Location - Menlo Park Schutzhund Club

The attentive nature, fast processing ability and strong will to please
that Gjeter exhibits has given her an edge on the obedience field.
Her first Schutzhund III obedience routine showed a very nice picture
of her focus ability.

Gjeter av Xazziam 4th Schutzund 3 title - She is 5 years old
*An example of her extreme drive*

Recall - Dumbbell Routine - Send out
(no drive building required)

Gjeter's fourth SchH 3 shows a very lively and mostly correct dumbell
routine. She was taught through her own natural will. This is clearly a
picture of a dog that feels rewarded in the retrieve work and is a great
attribute passed onto her progeny.

Vorous - Send Out - Youtube video link
Slam Dunk
Send Out
Gjeter av Xazziam
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