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Larry - Curly - Moe
German Shepherd working dogs!

11 weeks German Shepherd puppy - Angus av Stavanger Aka Curly

11 weeks

11 weeks German Shepherd puppy - Alfred av Stavanger Aka Larry

Working Black and Tan German Shepherd - germanshepherdk9.com









Moe the German shepherd having fun - 8  weeks




Moe the German Shepherd

Arnstein av Stavanger - Aka Moe - 8 week German Shepherd Puppy - Black and Tan

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Puppy Development Video Links

Protection Development

Puppy Development Video Link
5 1/2 weeks- Imprinting the recall

Feeding Puppy Raw Food Youtube video link
Raw Food Feeding - Whole Chicken

Guarding in the blind

Moe the German shepherd - Arnstein av Stavanger

Kennel Stavanger European Working Line German Shepherd Puppy Blog - 10 weeks to 6 months 
Schutzhund training, Dog socialization, Puppy Conformation

6 Months - German Shepherd Schutzhund Progress

No more bite pillow!

The word from Colorado is that Ms. Ava av Stavanger (Dot) graduated to the puppy sleeve...no more bite pillow for her. The helper says she is hitting like a ton of bricks (for a puppy that is). Her grip does not shift and she can even carry the sleeve. We've had high hopes for this little girl all along. During the short time we had her it was obvious that she had the potential to do well. She showed no mercy when it came to puppy toys... she latched on and literally anchored them to the ground.

We've also been told that she is swimming like a pro. Her first introduction was at the lake. She splashed around at the edge and then saw a stick floating in the water...it was all over. She is a swimmer for life. We were told that by the end of the day between the water and the dirt she looked like a little mud turtle. She sure is enjoying the good life!

We are thrilled that Gjeter's pups are enjoying the sport of Schutzhund and also living a normal dog's life.

June 27, 2008

Very Promising (VP)
5 months German Shepherd Conformation Show

VP Alfred av Stavanger - German Shepherd Conformation Show Evaluation - Menlo Park Schutzhund Club

Alfred and Angus av Stavanger "Larry" and "Curly" were shown in the Northwest Regional Conformation Show held at
Menlo Park Schutzhund Club. They were awarded Very Promising with Curly in 3rd place and Larry in 4th place

They were the first working puppies behind the Show pups. Kormeister Heinz-Peter Schweimer stated that they both are similar in type, have very good structure and show good bone. They are firm with a dry coat. During his critique he wished these boys much success. It was obvious he appreciated them. What a surprise...this was more than we were hoping for out of working dogs!

May 26th 2008 

German Shepherd Dog Socialization - Larry meets Mariner

Puppy German Shepherd Socialization - Kennel Stavanger - Alfred av Stavanger Aka Larry
Doggie socialization is very important training. Today Larry met Mariner and his human. It was a shocker seeing a dog come out of no where. But once we saw Mariner offer the play bow we knew everything would be ok.

All the exposure to puppies and dogs really paid off. Larry had a great time today!

May 18, 2008

New 4 1/2 month German Shepherd photos on the Puppies Page

Four Month Old German Shepherd Progress Report

So far all the pups are doing well and showing a love for Schutzhund. Ava in Colorado is like a classic German Shepherd...aloof but tolerant. She loves her scent work and loves to retrieve. Anniken in Maryland is also showing nice scent work and a love for the retrieve. She is also crazy about the water. Moe in Oklahoma is like a dual core processor...full of energy and always busy. One minute he is cocky and mischievous and the next a big ol' teddy bear. Larry and Curly are here with us. They are very different from one another. But one thing for sure they love food, the ball, scent work and are very handler devoted. Larry and Curly have a very nice puppy foundation in protection. They have taken a break since they are teething now and will start up once they turn one year. In the meantime they will continue with tracking and obedience.

14 week old puppy photos have been posted on the photo gallery page.

May 1st 2008 

German Shepherd Training Videos

Alfred av Stavanger "Larry" My Natural - Obedience and Focus Foundation

Angus av Stavanger "Curly" showing calm full Grips. Protection Foundation with Joel Monroe and Obedience Foundation with Glenn Hansen

Ball Anyone?

German Shepherd Puppy with a ball - Kennel Stavanger
Anniken av Stavanger "Nicky"is turning out to be a natural retriever just like her mom. The word from Maryland is that she has very good ball drive and very good hunt drive. She does not give up the search for the ball until she finds it. She also likes the water very much. She loves to retrieve sticks and drop them at Deborah's feet for a fun game of fetch in the water. If she looses sight of the stick she can be heard sniffing it out as she swims around in smaller circles until she finds it. Wow...she has Kway's nose. Just what we were hoping for. I hear it is really something to see. We might get lucky enough to see a video too.

German Shepherd Puppy warns of danger

Sweet Story from Colorado

We don't have any photos to post of sweet Ava (Dot) from Colorado. But her mom did tell me an amazing story. One night Ms Ava Mae was terribly restless. It was her bed time, but something was wrong. It seemed as if something was bothering her physically. But after checking everything was fine. Still she was disturbed. Diane checked around to see if anything around the house was wrong and sure enough there was. The garage door had been tripped and two of her other GSD's had not only gone out the garage, but off the property. Fortunately they were not far and they were called back in. After everyone was settled again Ava went fast to sleep. Little Ms. Ava Mae saved the night. We always knew she was special. Thanks for sharing Diane.

April 20th 2008

The Inevitable - 16 week German Shepherd Puppy "Moe" gets a home

On April 18th our little Moe took United Cargo to live in Oklahoma with Charles and his family. Who better to live with a family than Moe. He has always shown to be super confident with very nice drives and working ability. He is very balanced and has a nice way of settling down around the family. Moe has been a wonderful puppy and has always made us smile. This was certainly not easy since we had him for 13 weeks. But we are so excited to have found the perfect situation for him. He will work with Charles in Schutzhund at the OK Metro Working Dog Group. We've already heard that Moe has made quite the buzz at his new club and has dashed in like a champ. Thank you to Charlie and his  family for giving him a great home.

April 14th 2008 -
Moe's new 12 week old obedience and prey drive video is up on the Training Page.

April 8th 2008

German Shepherd Puppies 10 weeks old

Like Mother Like Son

Well, well, well...it took me long enough to see it. Of course Glenn had it figured out at seven weeks. Curly is his mother's son and Gjeter is her father's daughter! This is our dream dog. Already Curly is showing to be almost identical to his mother. If he keeps it up, he may even receive the same KK1 breed survey rating that she has. He even has luscious dark eyes.

Gjeter has showed similar training patterns to her sire's, Ufo van Guy's Hof. It's almost identical from the dumbbells to the long bite and guarding in the blind.The Ufo progeny have a very sweet temperament. But when it's time for business...they are very attentive.

German Shepherd Puppy Clicker Training  10 week old German Shepherd Puppy Training - Positive Reinforcement - Angus av Stavanger Aka Curly
SG Gjeter av Xazziam SchH3 KK1-Dam   Angus av Stavanger "Curly" - Son

Larry and Moe appear to resemble more of their Sire’s lineage. Their sire Kway vom Posthorn is a super dog out of Asko von der Lutter a World Champion. The SV in Germany recently covered Asko in their membership magazine. It included many aspects of the dog. Out of 600 progeny produced by Asko von der Lutter, Kway vom Posthorn an Asko son and his handler Bill Kulla’s photo was one of the few that were placed in the two page photo layout. Kway has been consistently producing dogs with good temperament that perform well in Schutzhund, Law enforcement, AKC and Search and Rescue.

10 week German Shepherd puppy - Full Schutzhund Grips - Alfred av Stavanger Aka Larry  Black and Tan German Shepherd Puppy Photo Playing with mom - Arnstein av Stavanger

Alfred av Stavanger - "Larry"               Arnstein av Stavanger - "Moe"

April 4th 2008 -
New Photos are in the Photo Gallery and new videos of Asko von der Lutter and Ufo van Guy's Hof are on the Pedigree Page.


9 week old German Shepherd Puppies - which puppy to choose

Eenie, Meanie, Miney, Mo - Larry, Curly or Moe

Larry, Curly , Moe - German Shepherd Photo
What a tough decision. We never imagined. Anyone of these pups will be great in canine sports. We've received numerous inquiries, but nothing that gives us the confidence that these fellas will receive the devotion they deserve. Luckily our first two puppy homes were more than we could hope for. They set a very high standard. Each have experience with Working Line German Shepherds, have participated in a dog sport and have arranged their life style to live with high drive dogs.

On another note...what you see in this photo is what you get. This is exactly the type of handler attention you will receive from these dogs. Even though they have been trained to make eye contact, these pups have always been very handler aware. The eye contact seen in this photo is true eye contact. They were not baited. Of course they do know at some point they will receive a reward, but they have been taught that reward will come through eye contact.

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