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Schutzhund Foundation Training

Alfred av Stavanger Larry Schutzhund Protection puppy foundation - rag work

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Schutzhund Puppy Training - Puppy Bite Toy - German Shepherd Puppy Training

Angus av Stavanger Aka Curly - 2 years protection - sending to the blind

Tracking  Obedience  Protection

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Schutzhund Focus Training - German Shepherd Obedience - Larry - Alfred av Stavanger

Our puppies are recommended for service and working dog sports

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Dog Training Videos

Youtube Link - Beginning Retrieve work -  Retrieve a Ball - www.germanshepherdk9.com
Beginning Retrieve for the ball

Youtube Link - Focus and Fuss position - Obedience motivation through food - Larry 14 weeks
Focus and Fuss - 14 weeks
motivation through food drive

Youtube link - Come to front - 5 1/2 week old German Shepherd puppies
Come to Front - 5 1/2 weeks
Puppies are like sponges

Moe the German shepherd - Arnstein av Stavanger

2 months - 8 week old German Shepherd Puppy playing

Menlo Park Schutzhund Club - Larry meets Sophia

Child with German Shepherd Puppy - Kennel Stavanger - Menlo Park Schutzhund Club - San Francisco bay
...and what do we have here? Socialization with children is a must. Not only is it great for both the pups and children, but there is nothing more adorable. As a standard, all of our pups receive socialization with children. The greatest thing is that children come up with noises and situations that we never think of as an adult.

Sophia Training Larry

We were really lucky. This situation happened by chance. This is the first time that we met Sophia at the Dog club and Larry's first time to work on the field. It turned out that she has had previous experience with puppies. We think she is a natural.

When introducing a puppy to a new environment we take the time to work in our own little bubble for a few minutes. We work with food to show the puppy that safe and fun things happen in strange places.
  The pup will feel more confident in a new environment if it has something  familiar to connect with.  As a side note...when choosing a puppy, it is advantageous for the pup to show strong food drive.

Of course before Sophia took over we had a short session of coming to front and fussing for lots of food and tons of verbal praise. Once she took over we had an opportunity to get completely out of the picture. Only do this if the pup is totally confident in the situation. We don't recommend letting someone else take over if you are just starting to bond with the pup.

Dance the same Dance

Larry is feeling very confident now and is like butter in Sophia's hands. This was so much fun to watch. It was literally like a dance. Sophia is using  luring and positive reinforcement while moving. The movement is very important as it will reduce stress in the pup and helps maintain focus. Everything that is happening here is similar to what we do with our own SchH3 dogs when introducing them to new training locations. Start in a very small area and slowly expand the area. Keep it short and fun with lots of rewards of praise, petting and food. Build your pups trust and he or she will give you the moon.

2 months after whelping puppies -  German Shepherd Female Schutzhund Training After Raising a litter of puppies.

Back in the Saddle - Menlo Park Schutzhund Club Protection Training

"We're back" ...Gjeter's pups are 8 weeks old now. It's time to get back to work. Her speed and strength is impressive for being off for four months to raise puppies.

Kyle Krotter, Menlo's newest helper is doing a phenomenal job. He is being mentored by Joel Monroe who is a helper for Menlo Park Schutzhund club and also our Northwestern Regional Training Director. As a high school athlete Kyle brings natural talent to the Schutzhund field. High level competitors have commented that this sprinter will have a bright future in the sport.

March 17th 2008 - 8 Week German Shepherd Puppy Goes Home

The Tear Jerker - "Dot" Ava av Stavanger goes home

Dot went on to her new home in Colorado today. Diane and Jay made a special trip out to pick up their special package AKA, Ava av Stavanger. She stole their hearts over the internet. Once here, we could see it was a match made in heaven and left tears in our eyes. Diane is no stranger to Schutzhund. She titled her Marc vom Herkulesblick grand daughter to Schutzhund  3.

The latest report was that she spent lots of time bonding which really paid off. Ava's vet visit turned into a positive socialization experience as she greeted everyone. She fits right in with her big family of four German Shepherds. Big brother Ozzy even lets her continue her habit of jumping over siblings. Congratulations Diane!

March 15th 2008 -

Home Sweet Home - "Nicky" Anniken av Stavanger goes home

Anniken av Stavanger - sold to Deborah Pensiero
Off to the airport we went yesterday. Nicky had one last good bye with her momma Gjeter and was shuttled off. She was obviously aware that something was different and handled it with a very calm nature. The clerk at cargo shipping even commented how calm and unaffected she seemed and how often you don't see that.

Once she arrived safely in Maryland she greeted her new human mom with a waggly tail and excitement. She walked to the car on lead from cargo shipping and was not even phased while a big semi truck drove by. If this travel experience is not a true testament to her temperament than I don't know what is.

The excitement in her new mom's voice was music to our ears. What a pleasure to know that a pup out of your own litter made it safely to a great home. Her mom could not believe the amount of drive this little girl has. We had to laugh...imagine we had five of those.

Congratulations on your new puppy! Stay tuned and we'll have a post on Nicky's new family.

March 8th  2008- 7 week old German Shepherd Puppy Video

The Visitors - puppy socialization

5 1/2 week old German Shepherd puppies learning to Come and Sit Video - puppy training

Come to front with a sit - Big Dawg Slide - 5 1/2 weeks old

6 1/2 weeks - Choosing our German Shepherd Puppy

I'm in love...what's a girl to do?

It will be tough to see these little guys go. It's a good thing they are a ton of work, otherwise I would keep them. Below the puppies are 6 weeks old.

German Shepherd Puppy Love     

The German Grandma paid a special visit   Wow...Curly is holding still!

German Shepherd Puppy Ears Standing - Kennel Stavanger German Shepherd Puppies learning to walk down stairs
Larry getting ready to navigate stairs and Moe navigating with moms help

German Shepherd Puppies playing in the garden - Kennel Stavanger
Mom showing Nicky and Dot the ropes

German Shepherd Female Puppy - Ears Up
Nicky and Dot


February 26th 2008

Raw Feeding Video - Puppies eating a whole raw chicken!

Raw food for the dog...nature's choice

Puppy Availability

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