German Shepherd working dogs!

Raw fed German Shepherd bitch - Kennel Stavanger
A good weight for a working Dog

This female blew her coat, so more structure is seen than normal. The general public's perception is that this dog is too skinny. However this is a perfect weight for reducing stress on the joints while the dog
is working.

Schutzhund Puppies weaned and raised on raw food - Kennel Stavanger 5 week old puppies raised and weaned on raw

Raw Feeding Video
German Shepherd Puppies eating a whole raw chicken

The video is of 5 week old GSD puppies eating raw chicken from the bone ...Please note that this is a raw chicken and not cooked. Careful supervision must be taken when feeding dogs from raw bone and they must never be fed cooked chicken on the bone.

We recommend following the BARF Diet (Bones and Raw Food) when feeding raw diet  to your animals. We loosely follow the 2% of body weight rule for daily intake. The amount of food is adjusted according to the level of exercise the dog receives and also by how the dog physically appears. The more exercise the dog receives the more food he or she will require. Food intake will also depend on the amount of fat in the diet. Although fat  consumption should be  kept in moderation, studies have shown that fat intake is healthy  for dogs and  is an excellent energy source for the athletic dog.

A dog should never be allowed to become over weight. A working dog or any pet dog for that matter should show a nice outline of the rib cage, without the individual ribs sticking out. For a working dog however, it is acceptable for the last two ribs closest to the hind legs to be visible. Weight is easily adjusted on a raw food diet. Food adjustments will be noticeable by weight gain or lose  in just a matter of a days to a couple weeks.

Contrary to popular belief, a balanced raw food is a healthy option for the canine diet. In addition, it is economical and often less expensive per pound than a traditional high quality dry dog food. Chicken is the staple  most commonly used for a canine raw food diet. Left over raw chicken from 5 week old German Shepherd puppies - Kennel Stavanger It is usually the least expensive source and is easily found at less than 99 cents a pound  in local super markets. Weekly specials are also available for a variety of meats on the bone, including beef back ribs.

A balanced raw food diet must include organ meat as a supplement. Vegetables and fruits are also often used as an additional supplement. Some raw feeders recommend mashing or cooking vegetables for dogs. We have found that packaged frozen vegetables are most affordable and are easily ground in the blender. Most dogs also enjoy crunchy raw carrots, broccoli, asparagus and apples or other crunchy fruits and vegetables as a snack. Basically, if they like it and are able to digest it, then we feed it.

We suggest experimenting with the raw diet to determine what works best. For convenience a variety of  prepackaged commercial raw food diets can be found through distributors as well as raw food co-ops in the local area. After some research, we have learned that it is important for dogs to receive protein from a variety of sources. Prepackaged distributors are a great resource for adding variety to the canine diet.

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Learn more about the benefits of organ meats

Pre-packaged Raw Food Distributors

Oma's Pride

Small Batch

 Northern California Supermarket
Raw Feeders Specials

Raley's - Nob Hill Supermarket
Foster Farms Fresh Whole Fryer Chicken $.79 lb.





Check local listings - Prices good 

Don't forget...dogs need organ meat too. There are many good buys on liver, kidneys and beef heart at your local supermarket.

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