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Canine Ergonomics: The Science of Working Dogs by William S. Helton

Traditionally, information concerning working dogs is mostly hearsay, with the exchange of information informal at best and non-existent at worst. Most books available are too general in coverage or conversely, too specific. They explain how to train a service dog or train a dog to track, based on training lore rather than empirical methods verified with rigorous scientific standards. This book, drawing on cutting edge research, unifies different perspectives into one global science.

The Power of Positive Dog Training
by Pat Miller

This is the first positive reinforcement dog training book that I discovered. It is easy to read and follow, while guiding the reader through a simple process for teaching correct obedience form. Problem solving techniques are also well covered. An excellent introduction to positive reinforcement pet training and helpful beginnings for canine sports.

Advanced Schutzhund
by Ivan Balabanov & Karen Duet

Don't Shoot the Dog*
by Karen Pryor

Schutzhund Theory and Training Methods
by Susan Barwig and Stewart Hillard

Control Unleashed
by Leslie McDevitt, MLA, CDBC, CPDT
Jumping from A to Z
by M. Christine Zink DVM., PHD and Julie Daniels


Der Schutzhund (The Protection Dog)*
by Helmut Raiser -  Schutzhund Protection work training & theory

Tracking Dog
Glen R. Johnson brought his many years of experience and innovation to write was has become the "bible" of trackers everywhere. His experience ranged from military dog work, to detection of toxic pipeline leaks using dogs.

The Other End of the Leash
by Patricia McConnell - sound advice for dog owners written by an animal behaviorist. Learn how animals really perceive our own behaviors - learn how to get your dog to do what you want - understand aggression and what it really is.

The Culture Clash
by Jean Donaldson
A revolutionary new way to understanding the relationship between humans and domestic dogs

The German Shepherd Dog - A Genetic History
by Malcolm B Willis PH.D.

The Dog Repair Book
by Ruth B. James, DVM

Structure in Action
The makings of a durable dog

by Pat Hastings with Wendy E. Wallace, DVM, cVA & Erin Ann Rouse

Online Dog Training Articles

An Online PDF Dog Training Article -An exciting and informative example of how positive reinforcement is used to train real working dogs!

A dedicated team of trainers successfully use positive reinforcement to train police and military dogs!

Advanced, Humane K-9 Training for all dogs - e-collar training

Electric Collar Training by Lou Castle
- These articles are found on the web. A great introduction to e-collar an training program ...innovative & humane methods

Online Article - Managing Polygenic Disease: Canine Hip Dysplasia as an Example
by Jerold S Bell, DVM Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, N. Grafton, MA

Am interesting article for anyone who wants to understand why breeding two dogs with Normal hips does not guarantee puppies with Normal hips. For a greater understanding of hip dysplasia inheritance click on the link above.
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