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Kennel Stavanger European Working Line German Shepherd Puppy Blog - 3 to 5 weeks
Puppies first food - First time outdoors - First family visit - Big adventure

All puppies from our A-litter have been placed in working Schutzhund homes across the USA

Moe Aka Arnstein av Stavanger learning to come when called

 Dog Training Help - Dog Training Model - Dog Training Explained - Germanshepherdk9.com

Alfred av Stavanger Aka Larry the little tank - always a talent for focus

Ava av Stavanger enjoying a Jollie Ball - An Ufo van guys hof grand daughter

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Dog Training Videos

Youtube Link - Beginning Retrieve work -  Retrieve a Ball - www.germanshepherdk9.com
Beginning Retrieve for the ball

Youtube Link - Puppy Protection Development - www.germanshepherdk9.com
Schutzhund - Protection
Puppy Foundation

Youtube Link - Focus and Fuss position - Obedience motivation through food - Larry 14 weeks
Focus and Fuss - 14 weeks
motivation through food drive

Youtube link - Come to front - 5 1/2 week old German Shepherd puppies
Come to Front - 5 1/2 weeks
Puppies are like sponges

 Clicker Training Link - www.germanshepherdk9.com

Moe the German shepherd - Arnstein av Stavanger

5 week old German Shepherd Puppies Environmental Training

Produced to Perform

German Shepherd Puppies in a  - Kennel StavangerThe pups had a big day yesterday. They went for a ride  to work for an exploration of the shop. Did I hear environmental? They even had a chance to hang out in a sailboat.

A customer stopped by who has had several litters of pups. He loved Gjeter's litter. He thought they were all very confident and already well socialized. It is a tough decision to pick a male. But it's a good thing. There isn't one that we would not want.

(Photo Left - Larry and Right - Moe)

Curly Ready to go

German Shepherd l - Kennel Stavanger

4 Weeks Old German Shepherd Puppies - First Family Visit

4 weeks old - German Shepherd puppy's first time outside

1 month old - German Shepherd Female puppies

Girl Power

This is Nicky on my right and Dot on my left. Both girls are going to experienced Schutzhund homes. Their handlers are also women. We are looking forward to seeing these all female teams in the future. Until then I keep telling Nicky and Dot that they are going to make a couple  special people very happy. It's a great feeling knowing that these girls  will be placed in outstanding homes. I feel fortunate to be the one to get them off to a good start.

4 weeks old - German Shepherd puppies in Whelping box

 German Shepherd puppies in whelping box with cedar shavings by Mallard Creek - germanshepherdk9.com  Sleeping area in the whelping box once the cedar shavings are added - Germanshepherdk9.com
 From left to right then front. Larry, Dot, Nicky, Curly and Moe.
 a convenient sleeping area added to the whelping box teaches puppies not to pee and poo where they sleep
German Shepherd puppies sleeping in half crate placed in whelping box - germanshepherdk9.com
 Half crate placed in the whelping box creates a clean area for puppies and mom to sleep
As the puppies grew we added a half crate to the whelping box. This is super for early crate training. This is also an easy way to create separate areas for the pups, without going through a lot of trouble.
 Even mom fit! As a note,we added shavings once the puppies started solid food. Triple screened cedar shavings cause the least amount of dust. Avoid pine shavings, as they are much softer and create more dust.
 German Shepherd Puppy First food video

3 1/2 weeks old - German Shepherd Puppy Sound Tolerance

German Shepherd Puppy environmental exposure - Kennel Stavanger
Curly meet Miele! ...Miele meet Curly. Each pup got an introduction to the vacuum today. This is great for noise acclimation. Curly decided to sniff it. "Hmm...you smell like a dog, but you don't look like a dog or sound like a dog?"

Yikes...hardwood floors! No need to worry, all puppy play areas are covered in slip resistant shelf liner...an excellent and cost effective way to avoid any environmental impact of slippery surfaces.

3 weeks old - German Shepherd Puppy Visit

Grandma came to visit today. This was her second visit and she could not believe how much the pups have grown. Curly is in her arms. He is big and cuddly like a teddy bear. The pups had their first meal yesterday in the kitchen. After they were done curly had a sniffing session around the perimeter. Nose down all the way. What a sight to see from this 3 week old future Schutzhund pup. He inherited his sire's nose. We are very proud of Gjeter and Proud to have puppies out Kway vom Posthorn. This is a very promising litter! Our future puppy homes who are no strangers to Schutzhund are very excited.

3 Weeks old - German Shepherd Puppy first Visit Outside

All Hands On Deck

German Shepherd Puppies Nursing - Mother is Gjeter av Xazziam - Kennel Stavanger
Yesterday was gorgeous and was a great opportunity to get out in to the great outdoors. Well, the great deck that is. "What's that box doing in the picture?" This is a healthy crew and they required a substantial box like a heavy duty one from Duraflame. What a sight to see. A box full of bobble head puppies and eyes of bewilderment as we walked through the house. A fuzzy blob with ten eyes starring. Photo left to right is Curly, Moe, Dot and Nicky. 

Where's Larry

Yes it's Lazy Larry. He's in energy conservation mode. It turns out that he is a wild child. Much like our Gjeter Dog! If that's the case then he will need a huge energy reserve. He's been a sleepy boy, but the other day he awoke. He is very much the puppy I brought home four years ago. Yes!

Escape Plan

Moe is giving Larry and Nicky the escape plans while mom is busy with Dot and Curly.

The Getaway

Maybe they can make a clean getaway by separating. Moe takes the back while Larry and Nicky take the front.

Who Us?

"It was Moe's idea, honestly, after all he's black and tan. You stopped him in his tracks, but he was on his way out".

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