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Youtube Link - Beginning Retrieve work -  Retrieve a Ball - www.germanshepherdk9.com
Beginning Retrieve for the ball

Youtube Link - Puppy Protection Development - www.germanshepherdk9.com
Schutzhund - Protection
Puppy Foundation

Youtube Link - Focus and Fuss position - Obedience motivation through food - Larry 14 weeks
Focus and Fuss - 14 weeks
motivation through food drive

Youtube link - Come to front - 5 1/2 week old German Shepherd puppies
Come to Front - 5 1/2 weeks
Puppies are like sponges

Pedigree of Schutzhund World Champions, competitors & producers

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Recommended for service and working dog sports

Normal canine hip x-rays - Alfred av Stavanger Aka Larry
Managing Polygenic Disease: Canine Hip Dysplasia as an Example -click link to view article

by Jerold S Bell, DVM Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine, N. Grafton, MA

This is a very interesting article.  For a greater understanding of hip dysplasia inheritance click on the link above.

click - to learn the basics of dog training - a simple concept

  It simply works!

Moe the German shepherd - Arnstein av Stavanger

Kennel Stavanger - European Working Line German Shepherd & Puppy Blog

Updates - Development - Training - Trials - Breeding

V Alfred av Stavanger IPO3 Kkl is now available for stud to approved females!

Alfred av Stavanger available for stud 415-640-2020

Congratulations Larry on your IPO3!
V Alfred av Stavanger IPO3 
DVG Judge: Jennifer Reid / Ventura California
Helper/Protection trainer: Alfred Hupfauer

This is really exciting, not only was this our first away from home trial, this was also our fourth trial on a different field! We received some nice comments in the protection phase from the judge, "powerful dog" is one that stands out. 

"Larry" doing suit work training with Larry from K-Nine Comrades

German Shepherd Decoy work Bite suit work - Alfred av Stavanger "Larry" 
Larry - Alfred av Stavanger doing bite suit training on Treasure Island   Beginning bite suit work - Black German Shepherd "Larry"
 Decoy bite training with Larry Johnson  German Shepherd - Escape bite training on the suit

Congratulations on your IPO2 "Larry"

V Alfred av Stavanger IPO2 - High Protection: 98
Judge: Mattias Hallerman PSK/FCI

Agility at the park - Larry on a slide!

Up and Over!

Larry showing natural agility while jumping through a tree

 Congratulations "Nic"

 Anniken av Stavanger earns her SchH1 title with 99 points in tracking
under USA Judge Mike Hamilton

Way to go Ladies!

"Larry" Had a Great Day!

V1 Alfred av Stavanger
V Alfred av Stavanger Aka Larry is awarded V in Working Class Males by SV Judge Frank Goldlust

He was awarded V1 in the Working Class Males
by SV Judge Frank Goldlust and handled by Matthew O'Donovan

 Anniken av Stavanger - BH title - High BH - Alexandria Schutzhund Club
Anniken av Stavanger "Nic" on your BH Title

She received a very nice trophy for High BH too!


...more good news

Anniken earned her FH1 with 95 points under SV Judge
Harald Hohmann!

Congratulations Curly and Larry on your BH and VPG1

A big thanks to David Dembouski for his training support!

"Curly" Angus av Stavanger
gets his BH
(basic obedience & temperament test)
 "Larry" Alfred av Stavanger
gets his VPG1 (SchH1)
96-91-91 Total 278 with a 'V' in tracking
under FCI, AWMA, USA/SV Judge Glenn Stephenson
Curly Aka Angus av Stavanger BH Trial Youtube link - Basic Schutzhund Obedience
Larry Aka Alfred av Stavanger  - Youtube Schutzhund Obedience video Link -

 Alfred av Stavanger "Larry"
2 years
obedience training
Clicker Training
Focus & Heeling
Sit out of Motion
Verbal Negative Markers that we learned in obedience with DD. I have to say the VNMs are paying off. We have a broader verbal communication spectrum now ...thank you DD!

 Wachhund Test

Ava earns her Wachhund Title

  Congratulations Diane and Ava

She is the most titled dog from our A - litter!

Ava av Stavanger CGC, BH, WH

Ava av Stavanger, CGC, BH, WH - Kway vom Posthorn x Gjeter av Xazziam

 Youtube german shepherd tracking video Link - Alfred av Stavanger Aka Larry We've added a tracking page to the site. Click on the Youtube link to see a video of Larry tracking at 2 years old.

We were really excited to review Larry's tracking video. It is yet another confirmation that he is a natural in his scent work. He is a dog that has high food drive, is very curious, enjoys using his nose and shows really nice problem solving skills. We track once a week at most. But hope to get more training in during these unusually superb tracking conditions.

Wow - Young dogs from our A-litter are already 2 years old!

 Alfred av Stavanger  2 years Larry the Working German Shepherd Alfred av Stavanger "Larry" 2 years old
(hips & elbows normal - ZW 80)

So, we were out training and Larry decides to strike a pose...good thing for cell phones with photo capture. This is obviously not a formal German Shepherd stack, but it is a good example of a correctly structured working GSD and what a working dog looks like when sporting all the training gear.

Congratulations....Ava gets her BH!

Ava av Stavanger earns her Schutzhund BH and CGC - Black German shepherd working dog  Ava av Stavanger - BH, CGC
 Hips a-normal ZW 80
 Elbows clear

Our hats off to you Diane on accomplishing Ava's Basic Schutzhund Obedience title and temperament test through the DVG Ponderosa Dog Club! Even though it was frigid cold she passed her BH easily while showing off her beautiful out-of-motion sit and out of motion down exercises. It's hard to believe this little trouble maker that wouldn't stay in the whelping box is already on her way to bigger and better things in the dog sport world. We wish the best of luck and lots of success to this Schutzhund team and once again thank Diane and Jay for giving this little girl a super home.

"Larry" gets his BH
Alfred av Stavanger - 19 Months

I guess we are on a roll! My "little - Big Guy" showed himself well even
though we were not planning on trialing yet. We were encouraged by club members to enter the trial due to a last minute drop out. Larry passed
his BH under SV Judge Frank Mensing with Very Good comments. We are
 very proud of Larry since he had never done the full BH routine during
training. He also spent most of that day in 100 degree weather, practiced
protection & obedience and still had drive for the work during a sweltering evening trial. He had a few hiccups during the routine, but that was to be expected of this young male.

More Good News!
Ava av Stavanger earns her CGC (AKC - Canine good citizen)
She is the first dog from our A-litter to earn a title. Way to go Diane!

Ava av Stavanger earns her CGC - AKC Canine good citizen - basic obedience title
Photo: Tiffany, Diane's niece and Ava av Stavanger's friend

More photos of Ava av Stavanger in Colorado
with Diane and Jay are up in the Photo Gallery


HD-Zuchtwerte / HD - Breeding Values

More good news for hip evaluations. The (SV) Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde posted the3rd quarter HD- Zuchtwerte results. Pups from the first breeding (Kway vom Posthorn and Gjeter av Xazziam) were given a ZW score of 80. Not only are we seeing Normal hip and elbow production. But we are also seeing a genetic predisposition for dogs that have a sound orthopedic foundation.

The Breed Value Score System was originally used to determine the genetic inheritance of polygenic diseases in livestock. It is a system adopted by various countries to reduce genetic diseases including hip dysplasia in small animals.

 Because breeding parents with Normal hips does not guarantee Normal hip production the Breed Value score system is also used by the SV as an additional method for calculating hip dysplasia reduction in the German Shepherd Dog. The hip score system is based on family inheritance of the disease and not exclusively based on an individual dog's hip x-ray evaluations.

A hip score of 100 is average for the breed. Any score less than 100 is considered better than average for the breed. Any number greater than 100 is considered worse than average. The goal when using the ZW system is to use two breeding partners that average less than 100. The lower the score the better.

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