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Alfred av Stavanger Aka Larry - heeling - correct fussing photo

Black and tan german shepherd - germanshepherdk9.com

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Youtube Link - Beginning Retrieve work -  Retrieve a Ball - www.germanshepherdk9.com
Beginning Retrieve for the ball

Youtube Link - Focus and Fuss position - Obedience motivation through food - Larry 14 weeks
Focus and Fuss - 14 weeks
motivation through food drive

Youtube link - Come to front - 5 1/2 week old German Shepherd puppies
Come to Front - 5 1/2 weeks
Puppies are like sponges

Our dogs are recommended for service and working dog sports

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Moe the German shepherd - Arnstein av Stavanger

Kennel Stavanger German shepherd Puppy Blog - 12 to 17 months

Puppy Development at one year, dumbbell work, recognizing scent discrimination, hip evaluations / x-rays, police K9 work

18 months old - We attended Dog Stock 2009 - the boys had a chance to work on a different field. Below is a relative through their mother's father Ufo van Guy's hof.

Placer County K9 Sheriff unit- Dogstock 2009 Law Enforcement Demo
Bear an Ufo van Guys Hof Son - Placer County K9 Sheriff  - Dogstock 09 - Photo by
"Bear" an Ufo van Guy's hof son (Gjeter's 1/2 brother through Ufo)

Ufo van Guy's Hof progeny cross over for a variety of K9 disciplines. They have been used primarily for K9 sport which includes a high success rate from Schutzhund club trials to high competition and World Championships.  They are also showing to be highly useful in Search and Rescue work as well as Law Enforcement. Ufo van Guy's hof is out of KNPV bloodlines. His grandfather is the infamous Rick van Tiekerhook known as the Tiekerhook kennel's hardest dog!

1 1/2 months old

Hip and Elbow evaluations through the
Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) in Germany

It is official...young dogs from our A-litter have received their Hip and Elbow evaluations from the SV; they are as follows:

Alfred av Stavanger "Larry" / HD a-normal and Elbows - Normal
Angus av Stavanger "Curly" / HD a-normal and Elbows - Normal
Ava av Stavanger / HD a-normal and Elbows - Normal

We will post additional results once we receive them

Happy Mother's Day!

Photo compliments of Diane from Colorado who is the proud mom
of Ava av Stavanger - Her good buddy from work put this
special digital photograph together... too sweet. Thank you

15 months - Teaching the Dumbbell Hold and Retrieve

Schutzhund Dumbell Retrieve - Alfred av Stavanger Larry 14 month GSDSpring break gave us a chance to get more training and photos in. This is Alfred av Stavanger "Larry" holding a Schutzhund 1 dumbell. At 14 months he already has a calm, firm hold. It's a hoot...he literally holds the dumbell forever. He even extends his neck as if to serve it.

Since Larry has the natural retrieve instinct, it was a no brainer to teach the dumbbell hold using the motivational method. THE KEY to this method is, to make the retrieve a mandatory exercise through the use of food. To achieve a reliable retrieve, through positive reinforcement, the dumbell can not just be used as a toy, by attracting the dog through his or her prey instinct. The dog must be required to take and hold the dumbbell without being encouraged (bribed) with a toy or food. This in turn, indicates that the command, "take" (hold the dumbbell), is required before the dog receives what he wants (the food reward).

At first Larry wasn't all that keen on the idea of taking a dumbbell in exchange for food. His preference was to either take the food for nothing or play with the dumbbell like a toy. I don't think a mandatory dumbbell exercise was on his agenda that day! So, to get things quickly moving along, mom (Gjeter) was brought into the training scene. Boy did that speed training up! All Larry needed was to see an example of another dog, working for a food reward, by holding the dumbbell. He figured it out quick and stepped up to the plate.

We have Denise Fenzi to thank for showing us this method. I used the same method, exclusively with my female (Gjeter) which proved to be a reliable training method. Her dumbbell routine was her strongest and most reliable obedience exercise even during two Regional Schutzhund Championships. She received high remarks from both USA Judge Al Kerr (2007) and Frank Mensing (2008). It is important to point this out; because, it is possible to make obedience a mandatory exercise without compulsion. Additionally, obedience should be mandatory even through positive reinforcement in order to maintain reliability.

* It is important to mention that Larry did undergo experimental force retrieve training after his positive reinforcement foundation. Although he handled force very well, it proved to be absolutely unnecessary and an undesirable way to develop reliability and speed. Larry's movements became robotic, to the extent that he appeared to be motivated by an outer force. Rather than showing a picture of a joyful dog that has been taught through balanced training, used to encourage and develop problem solving skills; Larry showed the same behavior that is observed when an animal is simply operating under duress. Although I will not consider using this method again, the time that was taken to teach a force retrieve is appreciated. Additionally, through force training, I developed a new respect for Larry. Even though he underwent harsh training methods, he continued to work through the stress and never held a grudge.

13 months - Needle In A Hay Stack - German Shepherd Scent work

German Shepherd Tracking - Scent WorkWe are hearing and seeing that our A-litter shows really nice scenting ability. Not only are they showing the beginnings of a strong work ethic for the track. But they also show a true ability for scent discrimination. Ava in Colorado will entertain her humans to no end by fetching the very same crinkled pine needle over and over again after it is thrown out into the woods. Her little nose is fine tuned. She brings the very same pine needle back every time. Our very own Curly (Angus) will also do the same; only his human throws a small stone down a driveway full of rocks that all look the same. Curly always brings the same one back without fail. Larry (Alfred) is quite amusing; if anyone enters the house or yard he can be seen and heard sniffing everywhere that person has been. No object enters unnoticed.  Larry is on official scent patrol. He gives a new meaning to Curious George.

(Photo: Angus av Stavagner "Curly" - German Shepherd Dog Tracking)

  Normal German Shepherd Hip x-rays

Click for larger image - Hip x-ray GSD VP Alfred av StavangerThe news we've been waiting for. Two males and one female have had Hip and Elbow x-rays. The results look Normal! Nothing sounds better than hearing the vet say, "terrific... good pedigree" while  reviewing x-rays.

Lots of pains taking steps went into the planning and breeding of our A-litter. It's truly awesome to see it all coming together. We are seeing young dogs with excellent temperament, that show workability, type, solid structure and health. A special thanks to Bill and Jen of Kulla dogs for the use of their stud Kway vom Posthorn.

                     (photo: German Shepherd Hip X-Rays - Alfred av Stavanger 12 months) 

Happy 1st Birthday Guys!

Female puppy bite work - Alexandria Schutzhund Club - Photo Carolina V Our A-litter turned one year on January 18th 2009. It's a pleasure knowing that all the fore thought into Gjeter's first breeding is paying off. We are hearing that the puppies show a nice balance of working drives. They are showing to be very responsive to their handlers. Additionally their intelligence and resilience shines through. We are receiving reports that in protection the grips are strong and full. They are also showing a strong desire for the track.

The photo above is taken of Anniken av Stavanger; she is working in the Alexandria Schutzhund club. She is receiving the balanced foundation she needs. She learns quickly through positive reinforcement as well as corrections. It is of particular interest that she takes well to correction without holding a grudge. This is very nice to see in a female and is a trait that stands out in her mother.

(Photo - Anniken Av Stavanger - Grips are always full)

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