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Youtube Link - Beginning Retrieve work -  Retrieve a Ball - www.germanshepherdk9.com
Beginning Retrieve for the ball

Youtube Link - Puppy Protection Development - www.germanshepherdk9.com
Schutzhund - Protection
Puppy Foundation

Youtube Link - Focus and Fuss position - Obedience motivation through food - Larry 14 weeks
Focus and Fuss - 14 weeks
motivation through food drive

Youtube link - Come to front - 5 1/2 week old German Shepherd puppies
Come to Front - 5 1/2 weeks
Puppies are like sponges

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Black and tan german shepherd - germanshepherdk9.com - black and tan German Shepherd puppies

Obedience - Alfred av Stavanger Aka Larry

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Moe the German shepherd - Arnstein av Stavanger

Thanksgiving 2008 - Dogs and Kids Just Go Together

German Shepherds playing with childrenLarry and Gjeter made new friends over Thanksgiving. What better way for them to  burn off all the Turkey scraps then to run around with the family kids. Temperament is a breeding priority for Kennel Stavanger. The original intention of the founder of the breed was for the GSD to be a socially sound animal. An animal that could enjoy being around people and children.

(Photo: German Shepherd Dogs with children - "Larry" - Alfred av Stavanger and SG Gjeter av Xazziam SchH3 KK1 having a great time with kids)

German Shepherd running with a boy  
(photo - German Shepherds playing with children "Larry" 10.5 months)

Take Off!!!

German Shepherd running through the river
Curly obviously enjoys the water. He's taking a nice break from work life.   Since the dogs we breed show so much natural drive and love for the work we are firm believers in allowing them to live a normal dogs life in addition to being sport dogs. We do not believe that deprivation of life experience will make them any better for the sport. We strongly believe that the original intent for the German Shepherd was to be a multi-purpose dog. We believe our sport dogs should be treated as members of the family and not treated like robot animals that are solely used for work or the sport. Our goal is to breed dogs that are balanced in temperament.

Angus av Stavanger "Curly"
Angus av Stavanger Curly - Fun in the River Curly splasing in the river - GSD pup

8 1/2 Month German Shepherd Schutzhund Progress

The news from Maryland is that Anniken gets better and better each time out with the protection helper. She is really enjoying herself. We are very lucky to receive such beautiful photos. Carolina V. is the photographer. She really knows how to make the dog come alive in her photos. Just look at the nice foundation work being done.

Schutzhund - Harness for protection work - Photo by Carolina V 

Anniken av Stavanger working with Marty on her training foundation at the Alexandria Schutzhund Club

Schutzhund Protection Dog - Full Calm Grips - Alexandria Schutzhund Club

German Shepherd swimming in a pool

AT LAST!!! More photos of Arnstein (Moe) and Ava (Dot)

We've been told that these guys move fast. But they could only evade the camera for so long. We are so excited to get these.

Moe the diving dog - AKA Arnstein av Stavanger

Arnstein av Stavnger "Moe"

German Shepherd Female Head Shot - Ava av Stavanger  Ava av Stavanger (Dot)
Black Beauty - German Shepherd Female

8 Months - German Shepherd Schutzhund Protection Progress

Schutzhund Protection Training - support on a harness

Anniken av Stavanger "Nicky" is learning the moves for Schutzhund. We have no doubt that she will make many fans during her future in the sport. Right from the beginning she was a little machine... just like her mother.

Anniken av Stavanger - Protection - Photo by Carolina V

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