Promoting the fair treatment of sport and working dogs  

Our German Shepherd Dogs are companions as well as our sport dogs. We breed for
working traits, temperament, health and structure that have proven to serve well
 within a working and sporting environment. 

Dedicated to preserving the true utility of the working dog.

Gjeter av Xazziam - Send out - Vorous -

Gjeter av Xazziam - Send out - Vorous -
SG Gjeter av Xazziam SchH3 KK1
Send out - Vorous

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Focus and Heeling through food drive - video link - Larry Alfred av Stavanger
Larry - Focus and Fuss - 14 wks

Larrys VPG1 (SchH1) Obedience - under FCI AWMA SV/USA Glenn Stephenson
V Alfred av Stavanger IPO3 Kkl  "Larry" - VPG1 Obedience

Angus av Stavanger Aka Curly
Angus av Stavanger "Curly"

Schutzhund BH Video - Angus av Stavanger Aka Curly
Schutzhund BH Video

 Working German Shepherd Dogs

Breeding dogs that want to work!

Canine Sport and Working Prospects
Alfred av Stavanger Larry training with helper DDKennel Stavanger is registered with the United Schutzhund Clubs of America. USCA protects the original working heritage, type, health and conformation of the German Shepherd breed through the original German GSD breed association, Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde (The SV). A stringent Breed Survey standard, known as the Kore Klasse is used to approve the GSD for breeding. All hips and elbows of breeding stock are either certified through the SV (a-stamp) or through the American health registry OFA. All puppies come with the dual SV/USA registration, in addition to an AKC registration.

We train and compete with our German Shepherd Dogs. It is our goal to breed for strong working traits in addition to versatility. Handlers who demonstrate an understanding of fair training methods and who participate in sports such as Schutzhund, Ring Sport, Herding, Agility, AKC Obedience, AKC Working Dog Sports, SAR and other field sports will be given priority. Non-sporting homes that are able to provide an environment for their GSD to thrive in will be considered.

Handler - Owner - Trainer - Breeder
Gjeter av Xazziam SchH3 KK1 - HOT
I spent most of my childhood living with a variety of dogs including the GSD. Majority of our dogs were not trained. Instead they were directed through our inconsistent pack leadership style. Although our dogs had some form of control, they were never considered to have reliable obedience. Lack of formal training and a clear understanding of animal behavior led to much frustration in our household, for both humans and dogs.

It was not until later in my adult life that I learned a dog could achieve a higher level of reliability for obeying commands through formal dog training. My initial introduction to dog training was through the Sport of Schutzhund, when my husband began the quest for his next GSD.

Eventually we found our soon to be Schutzhund dog. Mean while, I observed the sport for a long time as I assisted with the care of our family GSD before finding my own (personal) dog to train. I took a number of years to evaluate the sport, working dogs and the different training styles before becoming completely committed to the Schutzhund (IPO).


Gjeter av Xazziam - A working German Shepherd Bitch
  I have been involved with the sport since 2001 and received my own German Shepherd puppy to train in 2003. Gjeter av Xazziam was imported at 10 weeks old and is Handler Owner Trained. As you will see throughout this site we hold high regard for her. She is a very special girl. Through her work, we learned about the benefits of training a dog that still maintains the desirable drives for the sport.

She has been titled to Schutzhund 3 four times. Her first Schutzhund 3 trial in 2007 gave us a qualifying score  for Nationals (278) with a "V" in protection. Gjeter became the High Scoring Female at the 2008 Northwestern Regional Schutzhund Championships, under SV judge Frank Mensing and USA Judge Nathaniel Roque. It has become evident that Gjeter is a very nice female  overall. Her first litter was whelped on January 18th, 2008. She was a super mom and so far  we are very pleased with the performance and progress of our A-litter.

V Alfred av Stavanger IPO3 KKl "Larry"

In addition to working with Gjeter, I am currently training one of the males from our A-litter, Alfred av Stavanger - "Larry". He shows a strong work ethic and desirable traits for the Schutzhund sport. As a pup, we recognized his genetic ability to cap drive, contain it and then use it where it counts.  

Handler - Owner - Breeder - Trained / Alfred av Stavanger Aka Larry correct heel position - dog training

Handler - Owner - Trainer - Breeder

Dedicated to the German Shepherd since the early 80's. He is half Norwegian and half German and spent time as a boy
living in Norway which is where our kennel name is from. He grew up with dogs in the family and became interested in the European German Shepherd bloodlines as an adult.
Alex z Milabru SchH3 (Regional) - black and tan czech german shepherd During his early involvement in the sport of  Schutzhund he trained and titled two GSDs,

In 2002 a serious Schutzhund prospect was acquired, Alex z Milabru who was imported from the Czech Republic. He came home at 10 weeks old and is a Handler Owner Trained dog. He earned the SchH3 title twice and has competed at the Regional Level. Alex's dam was also imported and worked as a K-9 officer for the Santa Clara police department. Alex is quite the character and is an expert at opening doors, drawers, cabinets, and refrigerators etc. He received 98 points on his first Schutzhund 3 track at Menlo Park Schutzhund Club. He could have made an excellent detection dog. He is now in training for his FH1.
Angus av Stavanger

In addition to working with Alex, I am currently training one of  the males from our A-litter, Angus av Stavanger - "Curly". His balance of extreme drives and natural talent for the Schutzhund sport are a pleasure to see, yet not so easy to handle.

Breeder - Handler - Owner - Trained / Angus av Stavanger   German Shepherd - In Drive Focus  - Angus av Stavanger

A-Litter Pedigree

Puppy Availability

Kennel Stavanger -  German Shepherd - Black and Tan German Shepherd with ball -Although we are Schutzhund sport enthusiasts our dogs spend most of their time being regular dogs and have a variety of exposure to real life situations.


We raise our German Shepherds in the home as well as crate and kennel train them. They do have the necessary high drive for sport. However they do settle down nicely even in the house. They are our companions first.


Majority of our training takes place in the Northwestern Region through the organization United Schutzhund clubs of America. We are members of Menlo Park Schutzhund Club and Police Dog Training Field.  


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