German Shepherd working dogs!

Balanced Training Video

Curly and Larry are 10.5 months in this video. Any corrections used are subtle at this point. We are simply teaching them the rules by helping them to understand that good things happen while paying attention and undesirable repercussions are a result of not paying attention. We certainly are not trying to crush the dog's spirit. We intentionally give a high rate of food reward during the initial phases of correction training.

Pay attention to the ears and tail. Through balanced training the ears should remain up and the tail should be happy. If they are not then the corrections may be too harsh or too often. In that case you should lighten up on the dog and make yourself more interesting to the dog. You can also try putting yourself in a situation that is less distracting for the dog. When corrections are used they should be adjusted according to the dog's pain tolerance level. Which will also depend on the level of distraction and amount of drive the dog shows during any given training session.

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