German Shepherd working dogs!

Schutzhund Courage Test - Gjeter av Xazziam an Ufo van Guys hof daughter
Gjeter's Courage Test

Gjeter is a full fledged working German Shepherd Bitch. She is an excellent resource for promoting high working drives within the breed while at the same time preserving solid nerves!

Gjeter av Xazziam's Daughter
Ava av Stavanger, CGC, BH, WH - BH Medal
Ava av Stavanger - BH, WH, CGC
"Dressed for Success"

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High Scoring Female

SG Gjeter av Xazziam SchH3 KK1

2008 Northwestern Regional Schutzhund Championship

Placer County Schutzhund Club

Gjeter av Xazziam SchH3 KK1 2008 Northwestern Regional High Scoring Female handled by Michele HansenThe 2008 NW Regional Championships was our most difficult event yet. It proved to be a true test of a working dog. During the event the temperatures were well into the 90's, causing risk of heat exhaustion during all three Schutzhund phases. This was an away from home trial which added to the stress.

Tracking conditions were most challenging as well. The fields were not your typical plowed dirt or supple grass of perfect height, which proved to be challenging for many dogs. As for
Gjeter, she experienced an even greater test when she encountered a rattle snake on our scent track. She had an alarming interaction with the snake. It had the judge, track layer and myself in suspense ...thankfully she did not get bit!

In the end, Gjeter's strong work ethic came through. She completed all three Schutzhund phases and finished as the High Scoring Female. 
We felt like we had been through the "ringer" after this event! But overall we enjoyed it. It was rough, but we learned a great deal, made new friends and received many very nice comments. We thank the Judges, Protection Helpers, hosting club and volunteers for making it possible.

Photo:   Gjeter av Xazziam

Gjeter av Xazziam KK1 SchH3 Progeny's
Dog Sport Achievements

 August 2009

Ava av Stavanger *

 Earns her AKC

Canine Good Citizen**

(the first pup from our A-litter to earn a title)

August 2009

SV Judge Frank Mensing

Alfred av Stavanger *


Earns his BH

Basic Schutzhund Dog Obedience Title &

Temperament Test

October 25th 2009 Ava av Stavanger * Earns her BH Title

May 16th 2010

Ava av Stavanger
Earns her WH
Wachund Title
(Watch Dog Title)

December 4th 2010

FCI, AWMA, USA/SV Judge Glenn Stephenson

Angus av Stavanger

Earns his BH title

December 4th 2010

FCI, AWMA, USA/SV Judge Glenn Stephenson

Alfred av Stavanger

Earns his VPG1

(Schutzhund 1) with
V in tracking
Total Score 278 with a
 'V' in tracking

May 7th 2011

Anniken av Stavanger

Earns her BH title

June 4, 2011

 Title under SV Judge Harald Hohmann
Anniken av Stavanger

Earns her FH Tracking
  95 Points

June 11, 2011

Evaluation by SV Judge Frank Goldlust
V Alfred av Stavnger

Earns V1 Conformation title under the Working class males

August 27, 2011

 USA Judge
Mike Hamilton

Anniken av Stavanger

Earns her SchH1

with V  99 points
High in Tracking

October 13, 2012

Judge Mattias Hallerman PSK/FCI

V Alfred av Stavanger

Earns IPO2
High Protection: 98

IPO2 - Protection Video
 March 17, 2013
Ventura, California

DVG Judge: Jennifer Reid
V Alfred av Stavanger

Earns IPO3
This was our first far away from home trial & Larry showed a powerful performance in protection

IPO3 - Protection Video
*Kway vom Posthorn X Gjeter av Xazziam Breeding
**American Kennel Club Title

 SG Gjeter av Xazziam SchH3 KK1
An Ufo van Guy's hof daughter
Dog Sport Achievements







Schutzhund  1

Our first Schutzhund Title


Schutzhund  2

‘V’ in protection



Schutzhund 3

Menlo Park Schutzhund Club

SV Judge and President
Wolfgang Henke

High Scoring Female

3rd Place SchH3 overall

‘V’ in Protection
Total 278

Qualified for Nationals







Conformation Show

Sehr gut/very good



Korliste/Breed Survey



Recommended for Breeding

TSB: Pronounced


Dog Stock SchH3 Protection Tournament

3rd place 95 points

Judged by Martin Vollrath


Dog Stock SchH3 Protection Tournament

Placer County Schutzhund Club

1st Place Courage Test
(Long Bite)

Top Speed Upon Contact!

Speed for Speed Gjeter
was even faster than two male Malinois dogs!


Schutzhund 3

NW Regional Championship

San Jose German Shepherd  Dog Club

Our first Regional event and non-club field trial

2nd SchH3 Title

SV Frank Mensing & USA Judge Al Kerr



Schutzhund 3

2008 Northwestern
Regional Championships

Placer County Schutzhund Club

High Scoring Female
3rd SchH3 Title

USA Nathaniel Roque for Tracking

SV Frank Mensing for Obedience and Protection


Schutzhund 3

Stanislaus County
Schutzhund Club

4th SchH3 Title

Gjeter receives her highest score in tracking yet!


SV Judge Johannes Grewe

*Handled Owned Trained Bitch by a first time handler.

 World Schutzhund Championship Achievements

for Ufo van Guy's Hof's
 Progeny and Grand Progeny

WUSV IPO Championships
Blixtra v Scandinavian - Female  - Team Sweden - an Ufo van Guy's Hof grand daughter (7 year old female) nice handling Jimmy Söderbäck!
87-93-92 Total Score 272

World Team
H-Cayos av Xazziam and Frank Philips
have been added as alternates for the
FCI World Team

Way to go guys!





Vice World Champion – High in Tracking
AceofNike van het Bleekhof

Handled by Karoly Meszaros – 288

Aly av Oddvarg – handled by Henning Wold – 275

Attilla van het Bleekhof – handled by Fritz Greeve -  270

Darthez van Dingo’s Place – handled by Luc Willems - 267

Congratulations to all!


Masters World



AceofNike van het Bleekhof

handled by Karoly Meszaros

4th place

2007 WUSV

Ace of Nike v.h. Bleekhof - Team USA

Blitz vom Burg Kurzwallen - Team Belgium

Bubba v Spitzbubezwinger - Team Belgium / Reserve


*Ufo van Guy’s Hof Grandprogeny

out of

Zidane van’t Leefdaalhof


*Atom'e av Oddvarg - All Female Team for Team Norway

*Aly av Oddvarg – Male – Team Norway


2006 WUSV

Ace of Nike v.h. Bleekhof - 97 Point High in Trial Obedience  for Winning Team USA

Attila v.h. Bleekhof – Team Belgium

Blacky v. Spitzbubezwinger – Team South Africa

Blitz v. Burg Kurzwallen – Team Belgium

Zidane van't Leefdaalhof – Team Belgium



*Atom'e av Oddvarg - All Female Team – 12th Team Norway

*Aly av Oddvarg – Male – Team Norway

*Blixtra v Scandinavian - Female  - Team Sweden            

2005 WUSV


Heiko av Xazziam - Team Norway


*Gjeter's sire Ufo van Guy's Hof SchH3 has achieved the status of being one  of Belgium's top producers

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