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A Three Phase Dog Sport 
Demonstration of how precisely the K-9 is trained to work

formerly known in the USA as Schutzhund

Three canine disciplines developed in Germany; originally developed to test the German Shepherd dog's working temperament and ability. Tracking (scent detection), Obedience, and Protection make up three phases that have become known as the sport of Schutzhund (IPO).

Although the original GSD breed test evolved and has become a growing dog sport among many working dog enthusiasts, it still remains a useful tool in making working dog breeding decisions. Dogs are showcased performing during routine situations, while handlers enjoy the challenge of showing control of the dog's working drives.

Interest in the sport is world wide and ranges anywhere from obtaining K-9 working titles through club trials on up to participation in Regional, National and World Championships. Although some breeds are better suited than others for the sport, any dog is eligible to compete. The sport is addictive and has become highly competitive, but still remains a hobby that handlers of all levels, physical abilities and ages continue to enjoy. Local Schutzhund clubs are found throughout the United States and the World.



 Tracking link - Germanshepherdk9.com Obedience link - Germanshepherdk9.com 

 Protection link - germanshepherdk9.com

 (SG Gjeter av Xazziam SchH3 Kk1)

intentionally breed and work with dogs showing the
correct drives, temperament and structure for a variety of canine working venues, with our priority participating in IPO working dog trials (Schutzhund) 

We hope to encourage the goal of maintaining the GSD as a working dog; as well as promoting  fair treatment of all sport and working dogs. We invite anyone to explore our site for a better understanding of what IPO, Working Dogs and balanced training methods are about. 

receives high volume of internet traffic due to our support in the fair treatment of sport and working dogs.

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