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First off, Schutzhund Protection is a sport that exhibits a protection performance through a trial routine. It is not personal protection or police dog training. It is simply a test of the dog's working drives.

During the protection trial, the dog is rated on inherited  working drives, self-confidence, and stress tolerance. 
The dog cannot exhibit this without the correct genetics and a level of control that comes through genetics and training with a qualified helper. The quality of the dog cannot just be shown through the dedication of the handler. But is seen through the commitment of the dog on the training and trial field.

SG Gjeter av Xazziam SchH3 KK1

2007 SchH3 - USA National Qualification score 278 
'V' in Protection

*High Scoring Female*
2008 Northwestern Regional Schutzhund Championship

Daughter of Ufo van Guy's Hof SchH3 - A Top Producer in Belgium of World Team Schutzhund Competitors and the 2008 Vice World Champion

Now more about our very special girl SG Gjeter av Xazziam ShH3 KK1 who gave us the inspiration to put together this web site and the desire to breed German Shepherd Dogs

Gjeter's genetic makeup is the foundation of her solid work ethic. She isGjeter av Xazziam out of Ufo van Guys Hof and Hera vom Fichtenbrink the daughter of Ufo van Guy's Hof SchH3, out of Belgium (producer of multiple WUSV competitors including the 2008 Vice World Champion) and Hera vom Fichtenbrink IPO3 out of West Germany. Gjeter's athletic ability, extreme drive for food and toys, along with her balanced prey and defense drives are ideal for the demands of all three Schutzhund phases. Her stamina and resilience is prominent throughout all of her work.

Gjeter takes protection very seriously. Her strength of character is seen on and off the protection field. We are very fortunate to find a bitch with such natural drive and a true love for the Schutzhund sport. Throughout this site we have posted videos and photos of Gjeter and her progeny's Schutzhund work and trials.

Words, photos and videos are only a glimpse
of what she truly is. Many view her as a valuable contribution to the German Shepherd breed. We are very excited to have shared her extraordinary genetics through her progeny. Currently we are working with two of her sons and can see it is apparent we found a sire who compliments Gjeter's working traits.

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