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Larry - Curly - Moe
German Shepherd working dogs!

Black German Shepherd Obedience Clicker Training - Schutzhund Foundation

Up close pedigree of Schutzhund World Champions and Producers

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German Shepherd heeling - Correct fuss position - germanshepherdk9.com

Dogs recommended for service and sport work

Dog Training Videos

In Drive and Focus Youtube link
In Drive Focus & Fuss   clicker training

Balanced Training - video link - germanshepherdk9.com
Balanced Training Video

Alfred av Stavanger Larry Obedience video 2 years old
2 year obedience training video "Larry"

Trial Videos

Curlys BH
Curly's BH

Larrys SchH1
Larry's SchH1 Obedience

Male German Shepherd Puppy Development Photos

 German Shepherd Puppy Development
Photos from 2 weeks - 18 months

Male Puppies

Arnstein av Stavanger - 5 months

Male Puppies - 4 1/2 Months

Alfred av Stavanger "Larrry"         Angus av Stavanger "Curly"



Male Puppies - 11 weeks

Alfred av Stavanger, Angus av Stavanger and Arnstein av Stavanger

Black German Shepherd Puppy 11 weeks Angus av Stavanger Curly - 11 weeks german shepherd puppy 11 weeks

   Larry                                  Curly                                   Moe

Male Puppies - 8 weeks
 Larry - Back, Curly - Front and Moe - Right

8 weeks - black German Shepherds   8 weeks - Black and Tan German Shepherd Puppy

Male Puppies - 6 weeks
  Larry, Curly, Moe

Black GSD - 6 weeks Black German Shepherd 6 week old puppy black and tan 6 week old german shepherd puppy

Male Puppies - 4 weeks
Larry, Curly, Moe


Male Puppies
 2 weeks

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